Finding a local carpet cleaner that is consistently on time, thorough and trustworthy in South Florida is tough.

Many homeowners call in and say they’ve had other companies out but just weren’t happy with the results.  Or they used to have a guy but now his number is disconnected.

And when they use a national carpet cleaning chain they get a different guy with a different result every time!

Our team enters each and every home as if it were our own.  Consistent attention to detail to keep from tracking dirt throughout the house, as well as using heavy duty corner guards to avoid wall and door scuffing from any hoses being used.

“What a wonderful experience with this company.  On time and polite and always exceeds my expectations.  Brian is amazing!!”  ~ Sam

Used Dolphin several times.  Great service, carpets look like new.  Very punctual and friendly.”  ~ John

“The Yelpers have this right!  Brian is fast, efficient, and fairly priced!  He does a great job, and is reasonably priced!”  ~ Brian 


There are several types of reliable and economical drives.

  • Belt drives are the quietest and have the longest life. Noise reduction is especially important if the bedroom is above or adjacent to the garage. The best belts are Kevlar reinforced rubber.
  • Cable drives and tension springs are more common on older and economical models.
  • Chain drive is the most powerful but slightly louder.
  • High lift and vertical lift mechanisms do not require rails and are primarily used in commercial buildings.
  • A jack shaft drive is wall mounted on one side of the door to save space.
  • Although they require less maintenance, solid steel lead screws with bearings are not as popular as they used to be, partly for cost reasons.

Replacement criteria

When replacing, do not install just the old opener. We are happy to discuss these important factors with you in choosing the right product.
  • Power A 1/2 horsepower (horsepower) door opener is sufficient for most homes. But for heavy doors, the range is 1 1/2 HP or more.
  • Battery-backed economy models also typically have a rechargeable battery backup to turn on and off during short power outages.
  • Premium models can provide up to 20 open/close cycles for large power outages. Safety sensor “light barrier” for people’s safety, force and other obstacle sensors (especially children), pets and vehicles are mandatory since 1993. A stable installation requires an experienced installer with extensive adjustments and testing.

Repair and maintenance

Regular garage door opener inspection, adjustment and lubrication avoid many garage door opener repairs and are especially important for commercial and heavy-duty openers. Repairs are often just a few small parts, but if you need to do a bigger job or the door was installed before 1993, it’s probably time for a replacement installation.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Dolphin Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

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There is no comparison between dry cleaning and truck mounted steam cleaning extraction.  If we were to use a metaphor, it would be kinda like taking your car across the country and back then cleaning it with a dry cloth versus going to a full service car wash.  


The process of using the right solutions and hot water extraction removes all soil, stains and bacteria permanently.  Dry cleaning is a rotary system of moving dirt around at high speeds hoping that all the allergens and dirt are absorbed back into the pads.

The steam cleaning extraction process totally eliminates all bacteria, allergens and soil that has accumulated in the carpet fibers.  Making steam cleaning the superior carpet cleaning choice.


When it comes to eliminating bacteria, odor and pet stains,  the temperature and heat the machine generates is a critical factor to your results.  Our machines generate their heat from a diesel heating system which allows for instant and constant high temperature steam cleaning.

 Generally the perfect temperature to extract and eliminate nasty odors, bacteria and allergens is around 225 degrees.  Both our Pro-Chem and El Diablo truck mount units are capable of producing this type of heat and extraction giving our customers the results they love.


The most crucial step to getting your carpet clean is making sure that it is thoroughly pre-treated using a natural citrus solution.  On the average job we spend 45 min pre-spraying the carpet so that it will be ready to be cleaned.  We make this point because most customers tell us when they’ve used other companies in the past the technicians simply pull the hoses in without taking any of the necessary steps to thoroughly pre-spray.  

After the steam cleaning we extract all moisture by going over the carpet with our extraction wand not using any water just sucking out the remaining moisture.  Then we set up high powered blowers so your carpet dries fast.

3 Quick Tips To Help Increase Your Chances Of Eliminating That Annoying Stain Before The Carpet Cleaner Arrives

Avoid Spot Removers

Spot removers can saturate your carpet with foam and soap that attracts dirt and spreads creating large puffy stains. Most over the counter spot removers cause damage and problems for the carpet. Vinegar is a great option that doesn’t leave a soapy residue and cleans effectively.

Take Shoes Off Inside

Avoid wearing outdoor shoes on your indoor carpet. Your carpet becomes a front door mat and absorbs everything on the soles of your shoes. If you remove your shoes before walking on the carpet your carpet will stay cleaner and healthier longer and will require much less maintenance.

Vacuum Frequently

The majority of the time human and pet hair clogs our cleaning filters and the job will take twice as long because we have to spend more time raking the hair out of the carpet. Vacuuming frequently will dramatically increase the life of the the carpet and allow the carpet cleaners to perform a better job.

To showed up on time and installed a new garage door system. Very professional work they've done.

Anthony Dente April 3, 2023.

Garage door spring broke and they were able to come out on Saturday morning. Great service. Thanks

Dennis Ko April 2, 2023.

Excellent service. The technician was professional and did a great job with installing the springs of Door!

Jay Shah March 23, 2023.

Professional, reasonable prices. Family owned business, gave me same day service will be recommending to friends

JJ March 21, 2023.

To showed up on time and installed a new garage door system. Very professional work they've done.

Anthony Dente April 3, 2023.

Great crew. I needed help to replace 2 garage doors and the openers. I wanted modern with wifi and quiet operation.

Jeff Ginter April 4, 2023.

Garage door spring broke and they were able to come out on Saturday morning. Great service. Thanks

Dennis Ko April 2, 2023.

Great experience! Called and within 2 hours service man came, fixed the door rail and done the work professionally

Cooke Harvey April 17, 2023.

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