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Andrew Brosnan 10 months ago.

The gentlemen who cleaned the carpets on the yacht I work for did a great job.They were very efficient and professional.

Matt Slane a year ago.

Romaine went above and beyond as usual. Great work, responsive, and precessional. Highly recommend

Louis Lou a year ago.

Dolphin was Great! No issues, professional work and the crew were very accomodating! Nothing but the best!.

Denise Powell March 21, 2023.

Great service! Brian’s communications were accurate, and we were very pleased that the job could be done in some days

Richard Silva April 4, 2023.

a recent plumbing repair resulted in some water stains on carpeting. Dolphin cleaning was able to come quickly

Robert Tucson April 17, 2023.

Very much satisfied. Romain is punctual and thorough. I will continue to do business for sure. 5 stars 100%

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Electric inspection

Ensure electrical safety with our expert inspection service. Protect your home and family from potential hazards with a thorough assessment of your electrical system.

Electric panel installation

Upgrade your home's electrical capacity and safety with our professional panel installation services. Ensure reliable power distribution and meet your evolving needs with expert installation.

Light fixture installation

Elevate your home's ambiance with our expert light fixture installation. From classic styles to modern trends, we illuminate your space with precision and care.

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We recommend having your electrical system inspected every 10 years, or more frequently if you have an older home, notice any electrical issues, or plan significant renovations.

Signs your panel needs attention include flickering lights, frequent circuit breaker trips, warm outlets, or buzzing noises. We recommend a professional assessment to confirm the issue and recommend the best course of action.

While minor tasks like replacing a light bulb can be done by homeowners, complex electrical repairs should always be handled by a licensed electrician. Attempting DIY repairs can be dangerous and lead to further damage.

The installation time for a light fixture depends on its complexity and the existing wiring. Simple fixtures typically take 30-60 minutes, while more intricate designs may require several hours.

We have a lot of commercial accounts, we do work in restaurants and office buildings. We work on yachts and we work in large residential buildings cleaning all of the common areas.

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