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Jezer Espinoza Painting, is a licensed contractor since 1981. We mainly focus on quality and excellence in finished products and customer service. We have a high-skilled and professional team that takes pride in their work and satisfies customer needs by making positive interactions with them. We have a 24-hour turnaround. We use effective paints for durable results. Jezer Espinoza Painting guarantees quality refinishing and Painting either in the Room, Bathroom, walls etc for long-lasting and reliable impact. You can change the outdated color of the room and other walls, to maximize the value of your house. Request a quote now!

Top-Notch Bathroom Painting Service

If your bathtub is scratched, torn off, and looking dirty, you don't have to spend extra money on its replacement. You can simply get it refinished by Best Remodeling Company in Pleasanton, CA. We offer bathtub refurbishing services at a fraction of the cost with a 5-year warranty. Your tub will be renewed again. You can cost-effectively upgrade your bathroom by either changing the color or deep cleaning it thoroughly. We upgrade your bathroom without major construction in a few hours instead of wasting your time and money.


Quality Work by Jezer Espinoza Painting

We not only paint but are committed to fixing your kitchen and bathroom. We do restoration like repair damage, masking, ventilation, primer, and coatings. At Best Remodeling Company in Pleasanton, CA, we look forward to providing quality guaranteed services for durability and efficiency. We are focused on quality refinishing work to provide excellent customer service. We have experienced craftsmen who make positive interactions with customers for bathtub, shower, tiles, sink, and countertops refinishing services. Request a Quote!


Make you Bathroom Amazing with expensive looking finishing

If you are eager to change your shower pans, tiles, and bathroom surfaces in a budget-friendly way, you need services from Best Remodeling Company in Pleasanton, CA. We offer excellent shower refinishing services that are ready to use after 24 hours of refinishing work. We don't incur the major cost of construction and offer a 5-year warranty for shower refinishing as well. You can upgrade your bathroom by services getting from us. Request a Quote!


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