We have 2 trucks with 2 machines and 4 people on the job.  This means much greater efficiency to clean the carpet. One truck can be parked on one side of the building and the other truck through a different entrance. This means less vacuum hose is being used, which gives more powerful suction and extraction capability.  It also means much more carpet can be cleaned in a shorter period of time, which results in  less fatigue and better results.



Our machine has a diesel heater with a thermostat which creates an instant temperature of 250 degrees that stays consistent throughout the entire cleaning process. Nothing cleans better than high heat, the temperature kills bacteria, bugs and other allergens while also cutting through dirt, grease and soil build up.  We guarantee removal of 99 percent or more of all the stains in an office, restaurant or other commercial setting.


We are a team of 4. All of us have been working together for over 5 years. Rhomaine and I have been working together for 12 years. We all know exactly what to do and function as a very solid unit so that we can efficiently provide the highest quality results.  A lot of preparation needs to be done to achieve the best possible results, we move stuff in advance, we pre treat all areas, we agitate the citrus solution into the carpet fibers with specialized brushes, we steam clean, we set up floor fans, we use a rinse and groom the carpet when the job is complete. We are careful during the process not to let our hoses rub against walls and furniture so we use corner guards and towels. As a team we handle all of these tasks.


3 Quick Tips To Help Increase Your Chances Of Eliminating That Annoying Stain Before The Carpet Cleaner Arrives

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Dolphin Carpet Cleaning & Restoration offers professional and affordable carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning services for homeowners, boat owners and businesses.


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