All water damage restoration jobs are unique and the amount of work required for each depends on a variety of factors such as the amount of area in the home that’s been saturated and how long the water has been present. Once we arrive at a water damage cleanup and inspect the home, we’ll be able to put together a detailed project timeline to complete your job. We’ve listed a step by step process on how we complete the restoration process below.



When we arrive the first thing we will do is inspect the home and evaluate the damage. In order to properly evaluate the damage, we use special tools and instruments to measure the moisture content of the home. We check the floors, baseboards and ceilings in the damaged rooms to get an accurate reading of the moisture. Depending on the amount of moisture we determine what we need to use to dry out the damaged areas following the IICRC guidelines.



We use powerful truck mounted machines to extract the water out, if it’s in the carpet we attach the vacuum hose to a subsurface extractor which removes the water from the padding. We can also suck the water off the tile floor and we can suck it out of the cabinets.  Usually we need to move a lot of furniture out to prevent further damage.  Generally large amounts of water can be removed in a few hours. We do have portable equipment for high-rises.



The longer water damage goes untreated, the more likely additional damage can occur. We install the drying equipment and dehumidifiers are placed in the home to prevent against further damage and mold growth.



Once the water has been removed, it’s time to start drying out the home. We bring in different types of air movers (powerful fans) to help circulate airflow throughout the room. Sometimes we need to lift up a section of the carpet or position the air movers to certain sections of the walls to so airflow is getting to the most saturated parts of the room. If necessary we might need to remove the baseboards and drill holes into the drywall to help the walls dry faster. These methods may sound extreme, but we make every effort to dry the home completely and to prevent the growth of mold.



Throughout the drying process, we stop by to monitor how the drying is progressing. We monitor the dehumidifiers’ intake and output temperatures and humidity levels to make sure the dehumidifiers are performing at an optimum level. We also take new moisture readings of the surfaces we checked during the inspection phase. As rooms are drying equipment will be moved around to other areas that may still not yet be completely dry.



Once the home has been completely dried out all the equipment will be removed. We will try to move everything back to it’s original place. After the water damage cleanup process is complete, if structural damage occurred a general contractor may be needed to repair walls , baseboards,  painting etc.


3 Quick Tips To Help Increase Your Chances Of Eliminating That Annoying Stain Before The Carpet Cleaner Arrives

Avoid Spot Removers

Spot removers can saturate your carpet with foam and soap that attracts dirt and spreads creating large puffy stains. Most over the counter spot removers cause damage and problems for the carpet. Vinegar is a great option that doesn’t leave a soapy residue and cleans effectively.

Take Shoes Off Inside

Avoid wearing outdoor shoes on your indoor carpet. Your carpet becomes a front door mat and absorbs everything on the soles of your shoes. If you remove your shoes before walking on the carpet your carpet will stay cleaner and healthier longer and will require much less maintenance.

Vacuum Frequently

The majority of the time human and pet hair clogs our cleaning filters and the job will take twice as long because we have to spend more time raking the hair out of the carpet. Vacuuming frequently will dramatically increase the life of the the carpet and allow the carpet cleaners to perform a better job.

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Garage door spring broke and they were able to come out on Saturday morning. Great service. Thanks

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To showed up on time and installed a new garage door system. Very professional work they've done.

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Garage door spring broke and they were able to come out on Saturday morning. Great service. Thanks

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